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Billy Bob’s (The BBQ Guys) started out in early 2000. After perfecting our BBQ skills and techniques on all of our friends and family, we thought it was a perfect time for Billy (O’Leary) & Bob (Potochnik), yes, that is our names, to see what the rest of Amelia Island & Nassau County thought of our cooking. We were amazed at the response and are grateful for our loyal long time customers.  At first, we did not realize that two guys with a cooker could make so many people laugh, smile and eat like pigs. It’s great, whenever we roll out the heat and rub-up some meat there’s a party going on! We pride ourselves in preparing quality meats, “no thin ribs here”. Using our special spice rub we call “The Big Rub” and smoking with only hickory and pecan wood, we can assure you that our BBQ is the best Memphis Style BBQ you will have on this side of the Mason Dixon Line and probably a little further. We specialize in most all things BBQ. There are some things that ain’t meant to be Que’d  (Tofu, armadillo,possum and other critters like that). If you want Ribs, Pork Shoulder (Boston Butts), Beef Brisket, or Chicken that you will be proud to serve to your family and friends, Call Billy Bob’s.  If you really want to impress your guests on your fine selection of the County’s Best BBQ Caterers, we will bring our trophies. We would appreciate you giving us a call whenever you are planning your next event such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Church functions, Graduations & Parties or whatever you want to celebrate, we would like to be your BBQ Guys!
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