Rubbing Butts, Breasts, and Briskets SINCE 2000

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We will bring the HEAT and cook the MEAT on site. Barbecues, Low Country Boils, Fish fry's, Holiday Party's and More!
DON'T WANT BBQ....tell us what your party needs are.  Prime Rib, Steaks, Spaghetti Dinners, just inquire!  We do it all!

Rubs and Sauces
Billy Bob's Big Butt Rub, 4 oz  
Billy Bob's Big Heat Rub, 4 oz
Billy Bob's Sweet BBQ Sauce
Billy Bob's Cocktail Sauce

Beef (Oak & Hickory Smoked)
Beef Briskets (4-6 lbs)  
Sirloin Tip (6-8 lbs)
Beef Short Ribs

Ribs - Full Slab  
Ribs - Half Slab
Baby Back Slab
Boston Butts
Pork Shoulder (About 6 lbs)
Picnic Ham
Pork Loins

Whole or Half Chickens  

Other Good Stuff
Bob's-B-Q Beans  
Billy's Mac & Cheese
Fat Back Green Beans
Potato Salad

Don't Want BBQ?
Prime Rib  
Spaghetti Dinners
Just Inquire!  We do it all!

Turkey (Whole Bird 12-14 lbs)  
Turkey Breast
Don't be shy about discussing price. We believe in value and delivering more for your money. Whether it's an event indoors or out, summer or winter, full service or our drop-off service, we gladly help stretch your budget. 

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